Meet Our New FAB Members!

3 January 2023 - kathmandu

Meet the newest additions to our Impact Hub Kathmandu team: Denjing and Mahesh!

Denjing and Mahesh recently joined our team as Interns in the FabLab and have been critical in the success of the recent Plastic Upcycling Makeathon event! We are delighted to introduce you to Denjing and Mahesh and share about their passion, goals, and roles at the hub! 

Denjing Tamang, Intern

Denjing is a recent undergraduate student from Institute of Engineering, (T.U) and has his academic background in bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Denjing has a special interest in exploring ideas on art and technology and how they can go together. He is an avid reader and explorer, reads manga and loves watching Japanese anime. Before joining the Impact Hub, he was working as a mechanical design intern in Sajha Yatayat where he was involved in the electric mobility of Sajha Yatayat that helped him gain a lot of knowledge around the electric mobility sector in Nepal. Denjing likes to stay curious, and he is excited about the potential of FabLab in Nepal. He has been personally really driven in promoting FabLab among more people! 

My role at the Impact Hub Kathmandu is to work as a technical intern in Fablab. I am mainly focusing on the 3D design and the machines and eager to learn more about the mechanical design related stuff and additive manufacturing. Being able to work and learn with the technical experts present in Fab Lab is my major excitement to join the Impact Hub Kathmandu. I am very excited to connect and apply the academic knowledge with field work. I am also excited to learn more about the programs that create impact in our society. 

Denjing Tamang

Mahesh Sharma, Intern

Mahesh is a young creative head with passion for creative writing and playing with machines! He is originally from Butwal, Lumbini but is currently based in Lalitpur. Mahesh completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering from U.E.T, Lahore, Pakistan. Before joining Impact hub, he was working as a Research Intern in Human Centered Robotics Lab of  U.E.T, Lahore. Mahesh defines himself as an introvert with love for literature, write poems and short stories and holds keen interest in exploring new places to learn! 

I have always been fond of space where different ideas are welcomed and respected. At Impact Hub Kathmandu, the team is really supportive, open and the work environment is really good. As an Intern, I will be supporting the core FabLab team in the various electronics projects.

Mahesh Sharma