Seeing Nepal Clearly

5 May 2015 - Impact Hub

Since the earthquake struck Nepal a week before, Communitere has been in continuous action on the ground and around the world. With the help of our volunteer and first responder, Paul Borrud, we are getting a clearer picture of the needs in Nepal and are working to devise a thoughtful and comprehensive plan of action should it be decided to deploy.

After working alongside the Nepalese people and aid groups in the country, Paul was able to assess the extent of the disaster and what needs to be done to bring these people the relief they deserve. Through his work in Nepal, he was also able to make connections to the people, partners and organizations that are helping us to formulate and implement an active and effective response.

Working with other responding organizations like UNICEF, Paul utilized his drone for both search and rescue and for surveying the level of destruction from the air. This video, which he shot throughout his days in Nepal, shows better than any news report could the reality that the Nepalese people are living in. It clearly shows that the work that needs to be done in Nepal is going to be done over a matter of years, not weeks or months. And while Communitere is proud to have been amongst the first to respond, this is only the beginning for us. Because being the first ones in is admirable, but being the last ones out is what makes the difference.

Nepal Earthquake 2015 from my drone, Phyllis. By Paul Borrud from Paul Borrud on Vimeo.