Farm to Table with Original Organic Farm

31 March 2021 - Rachana Khatri

By: Samanata Thapa

As someone who grew up in Kathmandu, the only time I know where the food on my plate comes from is when I’m visiting my Mama Ghar in Pokhara where my Mama and Maiju grow their own rice, vegetables and raise their own farm animals. The smoky flavor and smell of the milk tea I get to have there still lingers in my mouth and the ghee is a precious gift we receive every now and then when they have their milking buffaloes around. But sadly, I do not get to eat healthy and organic in my everyday life, due to the convenience of conventionally grown and industrially produced food available in the city.

original organics

Farm to Table at the restaurant at the Original Organic Farm

We are what we eat and although we usually watch out for the junk, salt, sugar, and fat intake in our food, most of us barely think about where our fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and staple food come from and how they are produced. This first occurred to Sangam Sherpa, owner of the Original Organic Farm when he saw his neighbor growing and harvesting cauliflowers in a small plot of land in Kathmandu. This neighbor produced enough for themselves and knew exactly where the meal on their plate was coming from. Thus, Sangam Ji embarked on a journey to grow his own vegetables and also ensure that people in Kathmandu have access to organic produce, adding nutritional value to their plates.

Owners, Sangam Sherpa and Bandi Sherpa

Organic farming is the most sustainable and environmentally compatible form of agriculture that replaces chemically synthesized minerals and pesticides with biological methods to regulate pests and diseases. It not only tends to nature but organic produce is also healthier compared to the food that is grown through conventional agriculture that uses harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Animals at an organic farm are raised organically too, free from antibiotics and growth hormones which also has significant negative health impacts.

Vermicomposting and Greenhouses at the Original Organic Farm

Located in Kapan, just within 1.5 KM away from Sukedhara, Ring Road, the farm provides a holistic experience to its visitors. You can pick your own vegetables and fruits and be served freshly cooked meals. You get to witness the process of how your food makes it to your table. The farm not only sells and serves its own organically grown food but also provides a market to organic farmers from different parts of Nepal. Students studying agriculture are seen working and helping on the farm. 

As a member of our ICIMOD Tourovation Hub, Original Organic Farm  is currently busy building a biogas system to replace the use of LPG cylinders as a way to cut costs and efficiently use the biowaste from their cattle.The farm also offers accommodation through their farmstay which is a perfect place for someone who wants to be closer to both the city and nature. Original Organic Farm is truly a safe haven in the middle of the concrete jungle of Kathmandu. 

Work-in-Progress for the Biogas

The Tourovation Hub has been a great support to speed up my idea to have our own biogas system in the farm. With the support of the business and financial coaching and the experts in the program from AEPC (Alternative Energy Promotion Center) and SELCO Foundation, we have our biogas implementation coming to shape. Initially I was afraid about keeping up with the program since it was online, but the journey has been smooth. I even learned to use ZOOM for the first time and work remotely through the program.

-Sangam Sherpa, Founder and CEO of Original Organic Farm

Nepal Communitere Team Retreat at the Farm

“It is a farm, and there will be insects in a farm!”, words of a Sangam Ji’s 10 year old son who is growing up on the farm, left me astonished. This family run business is not only growing their own food but also educating people about the importance of the ecosystem, circular economy and creating conscious and responsible consumers. The original organic farm gives me hope to see more 10 year olds aware and appreciative of the ecosystem and its importance in our everyday lifestyle, starting with food which is a basic necessity.

If you are planning to add nutritional and healthy choices to your diet or craving a Nepali Thali with everything fresh and organic, visit Original Organic Farm in Kapan today.

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