I-Cube Chitwan Companies

10 May 2019 - Rachana Khatri

Nepal Communitere has partnered with Antarprerana to bring its I-Cube Business Incubation program to Chitwan. In Chitwan, the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with Presidency College will host the incubation hub and provide critical business coaching and mentoring services. We currently have 7 companies that are being incubated in Chitwan. These companies are working in different fields and different sectors, ranging from education to electronics to agriculture, but they all show a strong commitment to what they want to do.

The companies have already learned about the Lean Business Canvas in their monthly masterclass, and have taken much from their networking sessions and talks. Here’s a little bit about all 7 of our I-Cube Chitwan Companies:

  1. Book Kinbech is a service-oriented business that will be helping customers buy old and new books easily, that keeps a keen eye on the demand of books from local vendors and customers.
  2. Hamro Electronics is a retail shop at Chitwan that sells watches and mobiles and provides maintenance services. He already has two full time staff members, and is working towards offering online services as well.
  3. Ujyalo Bijuli Marmat Sewa, was founded on the realization that there’s a shortage of certified electricians in Chitwan. To overcome this shortage and meet the demand, the company provides 24-hour electrician services in Chitwan.
  4. Swastik Uniform is run by Mr. Kshitiz Bhattarai. He has co-founded a company that designs t-shirts, bags, shirts and manufactures them. He
  5. Mr. Sandesh Poudel’s malpot.com is a real estate business company that seeks to reduce the gap between the buyer and seller in the real estate business. The company would provide an online platform where interested parties can advertise their needs and products.
  6. Mr. Sandip Niure  is doing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and is running his own very successful cow farming business, which he has named Niure Pashu Bikash Farm. He has a vision of advancing his business in a commercialized manner.  
  7. Krishna Prasad Chapagain is a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering with a vision of making Chitwan as a smart city.  He envisions “Smart city” as the city with secure life, convenience and safety, and to meet this vision, he has founded a company named “Smart Home and Security Solutions”.

Our program aims to keep capable Nepalis within the country so that they can do well and prosper within Nepal. Mr. Sandip Niure had initially planned on leaving the country to work abroad but to his dismay, got his visa rejected. His cow farm is doing really well and he has been applying his learnings from his business classes to his cow-farming business to scale up and commercialize. “I am glad that my visa got rejected”, he says.