I-CUBE Startup Spotlight- Sikable

1 February 2021 - Rachana Khatri

By: Samanata Thapa

A business born out of the pandemic, Sikable is an open-market platform offering robust solutions to a new generation of learners and subject matter experts alike. And to those who have been to Putalisadak, the hub of course-offering consultancies in Kathmandu, Sikable is the digital version of that hub for learning and accessing all these courses online. Led by innovation enthusiast Gaurav Singh Basnyat, CEO of Sikable,  he and his team believe  in optimizing  the power of today’s technology to deliver and make valuable knowledge, resources, tutoring, and mentorship accessible to hungry learners without breaking their wallet. As a pioneering e-learning and online tutoring platform in Nepal, the company is challenging and revolutionizing the conventional means of teaching, learning, as well as earning through a vibrant, scalable, and highly reliable online face to face interactive platform.

The process of teaching and learning is constant—and at Sikable, they value that process more than anything. 

We believe change comes from two sets of people—those willing to explore boundless possibilities through learning and those willing to share knowledge through creative methods with the world,” says Gaurav. 

We have often come across learners dawdling falling behind in gaining advanced knowledge due to the unavailability of quality experts due to geographical hurdles, and economic barriers. On the other hand, creators, mentors, and teachers are unable to share their expertise due to the lack of simple  and reliable common ground. Having realized the challenges faced by learners and educators, Sikable arose as an online learning platform, built to digitize the current trend of education. Gone are the times of rote learning and being limited to the four walls of the classroom. Time has progressed and so has technology. It is  time for Nepal to revolutionize the education system through e-learning—the best, the most sustainable and affordable option available.

The journey with I-Cube has been one of the best so far since we started our organization. Our I-Cube program mentors are always supportive and help us initiative in making us rethink the larger picture of the company when we’re lost in details and sometimes miss out on a holistic approach. The I-Cube facilitators have helped us navigate and realize the bigger picture around, establishing the baseline to set goals and implement them too.”

Students and experts in Nepal can now learn or teach from any part of the world, including  their room All they will need is a stable internet and Sikable. Sikable  offers assignments and resource sharing features in one single place . Experts and learners can have live interactive video  sessions autonomously without having to download any apps or tools. As an open community, Sikable is welcome to learners and educators  of any sector looking to share or sharpen their skills online on topics such as cooking, coding, freelancing, music, photography, technology, and so on. As the team likes to say,  “learn and earn—it’s all up to you!”

Sikable envisions to build a prosperous Nepal by making quality education accessible to all . Since the COVID-19 pandemic, educators and young minds are no longer studying in  traditional classrooms. Sikable started from this same realization- a need  for youth to change and disrupt the brick and mortar techniques  of learning. Due to the Lockdown, thousands of schools are educating students  via online learning tools and platforms  creating an opportunity for online learning in the market. . Sikable aspires to become a key player in this space by creating and providing a crowdsourced platform.They want to target individual experts and educators to host their classes on Sikable and have them market the courses themselves within their online community creating autonomously enabled marketing. 

Having fun during an I-Cube session with business coach Bahar

“The I-Cube Program has been really helpful in enabling this and made us realize the importance of establishing a proper internal system which is critical for any organization to grow. In addition, we have managed to design and redesign many Sikable processes to better suit  our customers’ needs as a result of the I-Cube masterclasses”. 

What is next for sikable? 

The Sikable team is on the verge of launching its own online video conferencing platform “Baithak”. Baithak in Nepali resembles the nicest place in someone’s house where guests are invited  where meetings and get-togethers are held. It also refers to a meeting. . With a similar concept, they have  developed and are launching their own feature packed meetings platform which will be comparatively cheaper than international platforms that are currently trending and available but difficult to access. Keep an eye out as Sikable will be launching the product in the month of February and Nepal will soon have its own online meeting platform

Find Sikable on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SikableNepal