Sampurna: Inclusive Entrepreneurship

7 July 2019 - Rachana Khatri

Suresh Bashyal says that this tradition of making footwear has been part of different communities for generations, and taking this tradition forward in a systematic way that allows all of the people involved to profit and prosper is important. “The knowledge and skills have been there for generations, from the very start,” he said. This is what led him to start Sampurna Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd. 

Sampurna, one of our Year 2 I-Cube companies, has been manufacturing and selling footwear since 2016. Their vision is to become one of Nepal’s leading footwear companies by leveraging the knowledge and skills of a community composed of craftspeople who have been involved in footwear manufacturing for generations, to design modern footwear. The tight team of three – Suresh Bashyal, CEO Apsara Bisunkhe, Managar, and Pramesh Bisunkhe, footwear technician, have been attending I-Cube masterclasses, and working hard to  become one of Nepal’s top footwear companies.       

They have a manufacturing factory that is based in Pharping, Kathmandu, where they produce a wide range of products such as school shoes, formal shoes, party shoes, sandals, sport shoes, and fashion accessories like leather belts and wallets. The footwear and leather accessories are suitable for people of all genders and ages. Sampurna will also be showcasing and selling their new line of products called Samata Wears at Nepal Communitere’s Experience Store. Drop by if you want well-made local products!

One of the company’s defining features is inclusivity across gender, caste, and ethnicity. The company has generated employment opportunities for those living in Pharping, who are often marginalized and discriminated against, especially when it comes to access to work opportunities. They employ almost a dozen Dalit men and women, and have providedtraining to 25 women, most of them from marginalized communities. The trainings span three months, and help them learn footwear manufacturing. Sampurna is exploring using digital design and manufacturing approaches in collaboration with our Fab Lab team to enhance the quality and efficiency of their production processes while using shoe craftspeople for their specialized handmade shoes.

Earlier this year, Sampurna was also featured in Nepal Television’s Yuwa Sarokar program by the Youth Media Club, for their exemplary work with leather and footwear crafting in Nepal, and for providing inclusive employment opportunities. You can watch their video here:        

“Companies and startups that leverage old knowledge and work with crafts are important in Nepal,” Suresh Bashyal said, “We know that in the science and technology sector there are very few things on which we can put the “Made in Nepal” tag, but we can put that tag for Nepali crafts and products, and moving that forward is important for the socio-economic growth of the country.”