IH APAC regional gathering in Cambodia 2023

5 February 2024 - kathmandu

By Padmakshi Rana

2023 has been a year of transition and growth in our journey towards inclusive impact and innovation. It’s been a year of developing our knowledge, launching exciting programs, embracing new roles and responsibilities, engaging in meaningful partnerships, appreciating our communities locally, regionally and globally, and the addition of wonderful members to our vibrant team. 

A key highlight to the end of the year was attending the second APAC Regional Gathering in Phnom Penh, designed and hosted by the phenomenal Impact Hub Phnom Penh team. What an enriching experience! During our first APAC Regional Gathering in December 2022, organised by the impressive Impact Hub Dhaka team, I had the opportunity to truly embrace unity and empathy beyond borders.This year’s Regional Gathering allowed Aarati and me a safe space to introspect on our leadership. The five days enabled us to share and resonate with the experiences of the incredible makers and leaders in the APAC Cluster and the Global team. A few retrospective points:

  • Strengthening our global, regional and local partnerships through the localisation of transnational projects in Nepal.
  • Our team’s capacity enhancement on developing circular business models, and research to design gender and disability inclusive entrepreneurship support
  • Aligning our regional strategy with the IH Network’s strategy.
  • Creating common goals for the APAC Cluster, while strengthening Nepal’s positioning in the region.
  • Collectively committing to build an inclusive community across geographies

We aim to continue our commitment towards diversity, equity inclusivity, and climate action in our work. Immense gratitude towards IH Phnom Penh and the APAC organising team for making it such a memorable event!

“In 2023, we saw our Asia-Pacific Cluster expand to 13 Impact Hubs, add an official community partner in the Philippines, and welcome promising candidates in Hyderabad and Melbourne. 220 new ventures were founded in 2022, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our APAC Impact Hubs and Members contributed to the creation of 3,129 new jobs, and a resounding 80% of our members are impact-first enterprises” Mackenzie King, Partnerships & Coordination Lead, Asia-Pacific Region. 

Check out our Impact Report 2023!

We are incredibly excited to curate and host this year’s APAC Regional Gathering 2024 at our Hub! Really looking forward to introducing our regional and global partners to the Nepali impact ecosystem. Photos Credit: APAC Cluster

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