Tenant Spotlight: Merlin Essentials

8 August 2022 - kathmandu

At our Impact Hub coworking community, we are delighted to be sharing space with Merlin Essentials, a youth-led enterprise founded by female entrepreneur Ms. Bidushree Shrestha. Merlin Essential’s vision is to manufacture and promote Nepali Pashmina fabric across the world in time. When I asked Bidushree about the story of how she started the business, she said, “I always knew we wanted to do something on our own, a venture that contributes to us, society, and the country as a whole.”  Merlin Essentials Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2019 A.D. with the thought that people should be aware of what they are purchasing for wear and how those fabrics affect their skin and wellbeing. It also had to do with the durability and sustainability of the fabrics. As the cause was set, Bidushree reached out to two other friends: Mr. Bizen Kayastha and Mr. Dipesh Tuladhar (co-founders) to launch the business and pitch the idea. “After the COVID crisis hit Nepal in 2020 and there was an economic downturn with lack of employment opportunities, we were even more motivated to grow this venture.”

Merlin Essentials manufactures the finest quality pashmina in Nepal. These handmade luxury silk pashminas and bamboo cotton scarves are soft and lightweight which will make your wardrobe stand out. The company handles natural fabrics like bamboo, cotton, silk, pashmina, and wool. The factory outlet of Merlin is situated in Tahachal, Kathmandu.


The products like shawl stole, mufflers, and blankets are handmade with love by the craftswomen who have invested their time, skill, and love into the craft. Moving forward, Merlin Essentials was looking for a place of operations in late 2021 when the team found Impact Hub Kathmandu (then Nepal Communitere). “The place was just right for us to start operations for the company with lots of coworkers in the place where the ideas and trade had the probability of synergizing.”

“Impact Hub Kathmandu Community and co-working space is nice and communal. We as a team always feel the space is so inclusive and welcoming. We don’t feel isolated as a business and we also get to chat with our fellow coworkers to share experiences, network, and brainstorm ideas.”